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Modern Warfare 3 Gets an Arcade Twist: Dive into the Chaotic Fun


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 shakes up the classic multiplayer formula with the addition of the action-packed MW3 Arcade playlist. This new mode provides a chaotic change of pace from the traditional competitive multiplayer by focusing on quick, arcade-style game types.

MW3 Arcade dumps the serious war simulation vibe of core multiplayer and instead delivers over-the-top fun. The gameplay is faster, the action more intense, and the emphasis is on non-stop thrills. Maps and modes are designed to keep the body count high and the engagements brief but memorable.

While the core Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer experience is about measured progression, custom loadouts, and tactical play, MW3 Arcade throws all of that out the window. Preset classes, wacky power-ups, and sheer mayhem take center stage. No longer will you carefully patrol maps and engage in drawn-out firefights. The MW3 Arcade playlist is all about diving headfirst into explosive run-and-gun madness.

This genre-bending addition provides a shot of adrenaline to the typically grounded Call of Duty multiplayer formula. All of your favorite elements are cranked up to 11, from the visuals to the gameplay. If you ever wanted to battle juggernauts with nothing but a knife or race through maps with wild power-ups, MW3 Arcade is the playlist for you.

New Game Modes

The MW3 Arcade playlist introduces a chaotic mix of new multiplayer game modes that provide a fresh, arcade-style experience compared to the classic Call of Duty multiplayer. These frantic and action-packed modes offer something new for both veteran players and newcomers alike.

Gun Game

Gun Game is a fan-favorite party mode where players must get a kill with each of 20 different weapons to win the match. With each new weapon, you progress up a ladder – but get knifed and you’ll be knocked back down a level! This creates frenetic, close-quarters battles as everyone races to be the first to reach the final “gun”. Mastering all the weapons is key to victory.


In Infected, one player starts as the “infected” with a knife, while everyone else has guns. If you get knifed by the infected, you switch teams! This leads to a frantic battle of survival as the infected tries to convert all the survivors against the clock. Teamwork is essential here as non-infected players try to withstand the growing horde.


One player becomes the Juggernaut – a heavy armored soldier with a powerful minigun and riot shield. Everyone else must work together to bring down the virtually unstoppable Juggernaut before the timer runs out. Teamwork is key, as you’ll need to attack from multiple angles to penetrate the Juggernaut’s defenses.

Drop Zone

In Drop Zone, players battle for control of a designated “drop zone”. Capturing this area earns your team care package drops filled with random rewards and powerups! With everyone focused on one hotspot, expect intense skirmishes and changing tides as teams fight furiously to control the zone.

Maps and Environments

The MW3 Arcade playlist includes a selection of maps from both the original Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer, as well as some returning classics from past Call of Duty titles. These maps have been specially chosen and in some cases modified to maximize the frantic arcade-style action.

Some standouts include Dome, Hardhat, and Resistance from Modern Warfare 3’s base maps. The close-quarters combat of Dome emphasizes the chaos of modes like Gun Game, while the intricate verticality of Resistance allows for intense hide-and-seek gameplay in Infected or Juggernaut. Hardhat’s construction site environment shines in modes like Drop Zone with plenty of high-traffic hotspots.

In addition, all-time fan favorite maps like Nuketown, Rust, and Shipment have been brought back with a fresh coat of paint. These small maps constantly force engagements and reward reflexes. Shipment plays especially well with One in the Chamber, where its size promotes frequent encounters.

New variations have also been introduced, like a nighttime version of Hardhat with limited visibility. As well, spawn points and objective sites have been reworked across maps to optimize flow for the Arcade variants. Overall, map design in the MW3 Arcade playlist emphasizes frenetic action through close engagements.

Weapons and Loadouts

The MW3 Arcade playlist introduces a wide variety of lethal and tactical weapons to match the chaotic pace of gameplay. While loadouts are preset for each mode rather than fully customizable, players still get access to an exciting arsenal.

Some of the unique weapons you’ll wield in the Arcade playlist include:

  • Throwing Knives – These lethal throwing weapons are perfect for precisely taking out enemies at a distance. Land a headshot for an instant kill.

  • Riot Shield – The nearly impenetrable Riot Shield allows you to advance on enemies while protected from frontal attacks. Bash your foes at close range while your teammates provide cover fire.

  • Smoke Grenade – These tactical grenades fill an area with thick smoke, temporarily obscuring vision. Use them to provide cover and confuse opponents.

  • Desert Eagle – The powerful handgun can drop enemies with just a few shots. Quickly switch to it when your primary weapon needs reloading.

  • RPG – The explosive firepower of the RPG is ideal for taking out large groups of clustered enemies. But watch out for self-damage!

The preset loadouts ensure that weapons are balanced appropriately across teams. And while you can’t customize them, the wide variety keeps gameplay exciting match after match. The specialized weapons for each mode and map complement the arcade-style action perfectly!

Progression and Rewards

The MW3 Arcade playlist features its own separate ranking and progression system that is independent from the standard multiplayer experience. Players start out at rank 1 and can level up to a maximum rank of 20 by earning XP and completing challenges.

Unlike standard multiplayer, weapon and perk unlocks are not tied to rank progression in the Arcade playlist. Instead, players can unlock a variety of cosmetic rewards like calling cards, emblems, and titles. Certain rewards are tied to completing challenges within specific Arcade modes, providing incentive to master each mode.

For example, getting a 10 killstreak in Gun Game will unlock a special animated calling card. Completing a Juggernaut match without dying will unlock a Juggernaut-themed emblem. Maxing out your rank will grant you an exclusive animated title to show off your Arcade prowess.

The progression system ensures that players are always working toward new goals and rewards, beyond just leveling up. Having unique cosmetic unlocks tied to the Arcade playlist also provides a way for players to stand out when bringing their customized loadouts back to standard multiplayer. Overall, it adds a satisfying sense of progression on top of the quick, chaotic fun of the Arcade modes.

Strategy and Tips

The MW3 Arcade playlist offers a chaotic change of pace from traditional Call of Duty multiplayer. With wild powerups, over-the-top weapons, and frantic objectives, you’ll need to adjust your tactics to excel in these arcade-style modes. Here are some tips to up your game:

Think Fast and Move Faster

Arcade modes require lightning reflexes and non-stop movement. Be aggressive in pushing objectives and hunting down enemies. Don’t stay still for long or you’ll be an easy target. Use mobility perks like Extreme Conditioning to maximize your speed.

Master the Powerups

Powerups are critical in modes like Gun Game. Learn the effects of powerups like Flash Grenades (reset enemy weapon progress) and Martyrdom (drop live grenade on death). Timing your powerup use well can completely swing the match in your favor.

Equip For All Scenarios

With preset loadouts, you can’t customize your setup per life. Use all-around weapons like assault rifles and equip perks like Scavenger that are useful in any chaotic situation.

Play the Objective

While kills are important, the objective is key. In Juggernaut, focus on taking down the Juggernaut. In Infected, survive as long as possible once infected. Objective focus will earn you more match points.

Flank and Ambush

Avoid frontal assaults. Instead, use unconventional routes to ambush distracted enemies from behind or the sides. The element of surprise is powerful in these frenzied matches.

Have Fun!

Arcade modes are meant to be crazy and over-the-top. Don’t take it too seriously. Embrace the chaos and enjoy the unique brand of fun that only Call of Duty multiplayer can deliver.


The MW3 Arcade playlist launched as a free content update for all Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 players. This means you do not need to purchase any DLC or season pass to access the Arcade modes. They are available right now for all MW3 players on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.

Activision and Infinity Ward have not specified exactly how long the MW3 Arcade playlist will remain in the game. Typically, Call of Duty playlists and limited time modes rotate in and out over time. However, given the popularity of the Arcade modes so far, it’s likely they will remain available for at least several months if not longer. The developers may also choose to bring the playlist back for special events and content updates down the road.

So in summary – the MW3 Arcade playlist is completely free and available right now on all platforms. Take advantage of the chaotic fun while you can, as we don’t know when or if it will be removed in the future once newer Call of Duty games release.

Platform Differences

The MW3 Arcade playlist offers slightly different experiences across platforms. On consoles like the Xbox 360 and PS3, the playlist supports split-screen and online co-op so you can team up with friends on the couch or over the internet. The console versions also allow for controller-focused gameplay, with aim assist enabled to accommodate the analog sticks.

On PC, the Arcade playlist caters more to keyboard and mouse controls, with raw aim and reflexes being key. The PC version lacks split-screen co-op due to hardware limitations, but still supports online cooperative play. One advantage that PC players have is easier access to text and voice chat for coordinating with teammates. The PC platform also enables higher frame rates and resolutions for smoother performance.

Overall the core Arcade experience remains the same across platforms, but the console versions offer better local co-op options while PC provides enhanced visuals and control precision. Both platforms will allow you to fully enjoy the over-the-top action of the MW3 Arcade playlist.

Developer Insights

The MW3 Arcade playlist was designed by Infinity Ward to provide a fun and chaotic change of pace from the more serious and competitive standard multiplayer modes. According to Robert Bowling, Creative Strategist at Infinity Ward, “We wanted to give players a way to kick back, relax, and just have some explosive fun with Call of Duty’s trademark action.”

The development team drew inspiration from classic arcade games in creating the varied modes and high intensity gameplay found in the playlist. Grant Collier, Infinity Ward’s Game Designer, explained their design philosophy:

“When building the MW3 Arcade playlist, we looked at what makes arcade games so addictive and thrilling. It’s the simple, easy to grasp objectives, the quick matches, and the steadily increasing challenge that keeps you coming back. By blending these elements with Call of Duty’s fluid controls and great weapon feel, we feel Arcade hits that sweet spot of being both nostalgic and fresh at the same time.”

By focusing on delivering bite-sized bursts of fun, the team aimed to provide a complementary experience to Modern Warfare 3’s in-depth multiplayer and story modes. According to Bowling, “Arcade offers the chance to just jump in, blow stuff up, and have a blast with your friends – no pressure.”


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3’s Arcade mode playlist was met with an overwhelmingly positive reaction from players upon its reveal and launch. Many fans praised the chaotic fun and over-the-top action provided by the addition of arcade-style game modes to the traditional Modern Warfare multiplayer experience.

On forums and social media, MW3 players expressed excitement about the variety and replayability offered by the Arcade playlist. In particular, the unique scoring systems and faster pace of the modes created an addictive gameplay loop that had players coming back again and again. Popular game modes like Gun Game and Juggernaut received special praise for their creative spins on Call of Duty’s signature combat.

The accessibility of the Arcade playlist also opened MW3’s multiplayer up to new players who may have been intimidated by the hardcore competition in standard matchmaking. By providing pick-up-and-play experiences focused on pure fun over skill, the Arcade playlist helped lower the barrier of entry. This influx of new players ultimately bolstered MW3’s overall popularity and player count.

Many reviewers pointed to the Arcade playlist as one of Modern Warfare 3’s highlights. The addition of party-style modes was seen as a smart way to expand the game’s appeal and provide a change of pace from traditional team deathmatch and objective modes. Critics agreed that the playlist was a success in terms of creative design, enjoyment, and long-term replay value.

Overall, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3’s Arcade mode playlist was praised as a welcome expansion to the signature multiplayer experience. By embracing over-the-top action and approachable gameplay, it helped make MW3 more accessible and fun for both hardcore fans and casual players alike. The positive reception highlighted the importance of variety and innovation in keeping the series feeling fresh.

Modern Warfare 3 Gets an Arcade


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