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Meta is partnering with Microsoft to introduce Llama 2

Meta CEO, We’re partnering with Microsoft to introduce Llama 2, the next generation of our open-source large language model. Llama 2 will be available for free for research and commercial use. Meta has a long history of open-sourcing our infrastructure and AI work — from PyTorch, the leading machine learning framework, to models like Segment Anything, ImageBind, and Dino, to basic infrastructure as part of the Open Compute Project.

This has helped us build better products by driving progress across the industry. Open source drives innovation because it enables many more developers to build with new technology. It also improves safety and security because when software is open, more people can scrutinize it to identify and fix potential issues. I believe it would unlock more progress if the ecosystem were more open, which is why we’re open-sourcing Llama 2.

Today we’re releasing pre-trained and fine-tuned models with 7B, 13B, and 70B parameters. Llama 2 was pre-trained on 40% more data than Llama 1 and has improvements to its architecture. For the fine-tuned models, we collected more than 1 million human annotations and applied supervised fine-tuning and reinforcement learning with human feedback (RLHF) with leading results on safety and quality.

You can download these models directly by simply, or through our preferred partnership with Microsoft you can access these models through Azure along with Microsoft’s safety and content tools. There is also an optimized version that you can run locally on Windows. I’m looking forward to seeing what you all build. Credit source Meta CEO Confirmed

Mark Sikaundi
Mark Sikaundihttps://devcircleafrica.com
I'm Mark Sikaundi a talented software engineer and software tester with a passion for developing high-quality software that meets the needs of users. i have several years of experience in the software development industry and am known for the dedication to delivering projects on time and to the highest standards.

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