Hack University was an initiative by DevCircle Africa’s Leaders to empower the next generation to create their future. This program was introduced in 2022 with the goal to make quality tech education accessible across Africa.

DevCircle Africa recognized a growing skills gap and talent shortage within the technology sector across the continent. There was a need to expand access to the resources and training required to succeed as developers, designers, product managers, and other tech professionals.

Led by our CEO and team, Hack University was launched to directly address this need. Through Hack University, we provide immersive courses, hands-on curriculum, mentoring programs, and community support to unlock the potential of youth across Africa. Now in its first year, Hack University is already equipping students with the skills, network, and experience needed to launch careers in technology.

Bridging the Skills Gap

Africa has a widening gap between the technology skills needed by companies and the skills possessed by the workforce. As the continent undergoes rapid digital transformation, demand for software developers, data scientists, cybersecurity experts, and other tech professionals is rising sharply. However, most African countries have an acute shortage of individuals with these skills.

According to the World Bank, Sub-Saharan Africa alone faces a shortage of nearly 230,000 ICT skills. This skills gap stems from limited access to quality STEM education, lack of advanced IT training programs, and stagnant technology curriculums that fail to keep pace with the latest innovations. As a result, even graduates from top universities often lack the practical abilities that tech employers need.

This growing divide between skills supply and demand threatens to curb innovation and stall Africa’s tech sector growth. Forward-thinking companies are unable to find qualified local talent to fill critical roles. Instead, they resort to importing expensive foreign experts, which is not a sustainable solution.

Bridging the skills gap requires modernizing education and training across Africa to cultivate more work-ready developers, data professionals, and technologists. If not addressed promptly, this deficit of technical skills and human capital can undermine the region’s digital transformation. Hack University aims to be part of the solution.

Providing Access to Tech Education

Access to technology education in Africa is extremely limited, especially for disadvantaged youth. Many aspiring developers and tech professionals simply do not have the means or opportunities to pursue training in these high-demand skills. This is due to a variety of socioeconomic factors, including the high cost of formal education, limited resources, and lack of infrastructure in parts of the continent.

DevCircle Africa aims to break down these barriers through our Hack University program. We provide completely free technology and software development courses to youth and communities across Africa. The curriculum is designed to arm students with exactly the abilities and knowledge needed to fill Africa’s developer talent gap.

By making professional tech education accessible, we empower underserved African youth to unlock their potential and access abundant economic opportunities in the digital economy. Hack University is opening doors for talented individuals to gain skills, create, and contribute to Africa’s growing tech ecosystem. We are committed to reaching those who need it most.

Encouraging Innovation

At Hack University, we aim to foster innovation by empowering the next generation of African technologists and entrepreneurs. Our programs provide students with the skills, resources, and community they need to turn their ideas into reality.

Rather than relying solely on theory and textbooks, our project-based curriculum allows students to gain hands-on experience building products from scratch. Students are encouraged to think creatively, take risks, and iterate as they develop everything from simple websites and apps to high-tech hardware products.

By teaching in-demand skills like coding, UX design, and business strategy, we equip students to bring their innovative thinking to life. Our mentors and network of alumni provide invaluable guidance to help students navigate real-world challenges and build market-ready solutions.

Our hackathons and startup incubators give students a platform to showcase their innovative prototypes before industry leaders. Winning teams receive seed funding and support to launch their products or start companies after graduation.

We believe innovation starts with imagination. At Hack University, students have the tools and environment to imagine a better future, along with the skills and encouragement to create it. Our graduates continue to prove how empowering African youth to innovate can transform technology and business locally and globally.

Building a Tech Community

At DevCircle Africa, we recognized early on that building a strong tech community is essential for nurturing talent and encouraging innovation across the continent. Africa has a wealth of tech talent, but opportunities for connection and collaboration have historically been lacking.

With Hack University, we aim to bring together promising students, entrepreneurs, developers, designers, and tech professionals from across Africa. By creating spaces, both online and in-person, for networking and knowledge sharing, we empower these changemakers to learn from one another. Peer-to-peer learning is invaluable.

Our community extends beyond our own conferences and events. We actively partner with tech hubs, incubators, accelerators, and coding bootcamps across Africa. These collaborations allow us to support grassroots movements that are developing locally-grown solutions to local problems.

Ultimately, our goal is to facilitate the growth of Africa’s tech ecosystem by connecting talent wherever it exists. A rising tide lifts all boats. By linking bright minds across artificial boundaries, we spur innovation that can improve lives across the continent.

Partnering with Tech Leaders

DevCircle Africa has established partnerships with leading technology companies like Google, Facebook, and Microsoft to provide world-class training and networking opportunities for our students.

Through our partnership with Google, we are able to offer the Google Developer Scholarship to high-performing students, giving them advanced training in Android and web development. Google experts and engineers provide mentoring and project guidance to help scholarship recipients grow their skills.

We also collaborate with Facebook to provide training in digital marketing and analytics. Facebook employees volunteer as guest lecturers and mentors, sharing their expertise in areas like social media strategy, online advertising, and data science. Students get hands-on learning and direct guidance from Facebook’s top talent.

Additionally, Microsoft supports our programs in cloud computing and AI development. Microsoft engineers work directly with our students on cutting-edge projects using Azure, Machine Learning, and other technologies. We’re able to tap into Microsoft’s technical resources and extensive research capabilities.

These partnerships with tech industry leaders ensure our students receive the latest real-world training and have access to experts at the forefront of technical innovation. By working closely with companies like Google, Facebook, and Microsoft, we’re preparing the next generation of African tech talent.

Looking Ahead

Hack University has ambitious plans for the future as we aim to grow and expand our programs across Africa. Our goal is to reach 10x more students over the next 5 years and empower young innovators across the continent.

We plan to launch Hack University chapters in 5 new countries by 2025. This expansion will allow us to make our programs accessible to aspiring developers and entrepreneurs in even more communities. We also hope to develop new course offerings beyond our core coding curriculum, potentially adding tracks in design, product management, and business skills.

Additionally, we intend to evolve our events and networking opportunities. We aim to host Hackathons in each new country we expand to, allowing students to showcase their talents. We also plan to facilitate connections between our graduates and partners at leading tech companies to create employment pipelines.

Most importantly, we remain committed to our mission of transforming Africa’s youth into creators and leaders. We aim to keep empowering new generations of changemakers who will drive innovation and progress across Africa. The future looks bright for Hack University as we continue pursuing our goal of developing world-class African talent and unlocking the massive potential of African youth.


DevCircle Africa’s Hack University initiative has had a significant impact within the African tech community. By providing accessible education in coding and other tech skills, Hack University is helping to close the digital skills gap on the continent. Thousands of students have already graduated from the program, gaining valuable abilities that prepare them for careers in technology.

The partnerships DevCircle Africa has formed with tech leaders like Google, IBM, and Microsoft have been instrumental to Hack University’s success. These companies provide mentorship opportunities, real-world projects, and potential employment pathways for Hack University graduates. Their involvement demonstrates the tech industry’s confidence in the program’s ability to develop talent.

Most importantly, Hack University is nurturing a new generation of African innovators. Students are gaining both technical competencies and creative confidence through the program. This empowers them to build companies, products, and solutions that address local needs. Hack University’s graduates will shape the future of technology in Africa.

By making quality technology education accessible, Hack University is expanding economic opportunity across Africa. The program represents an investment in local talent that will ultimately strengthen the continent’s tech ecosystems. DevCircle Africa should take pride in the progress Hack University has enabled so far, while looking ahead to do even more.

Call to Action

At DevCircle Africa, we believe technology education should be accessible to all who seek it. That’s why we launched Hack University – to empower the next generation of innovators and provide them with the skills needed to succeed.

But we can’t do it alone. We need your help to spread the word and continue building a strong community focused on expanding tech education across Africa.

Here’s how you can get involved:

  • Enroll in an upcoming Hack University cohort. Spots fill up quickly, so reserve your place today!
  • Support Hack University by making a donation. Your contribution allows us to offer scholarships and keep tuition affordable.
  • Partner with us by hosting a Hack University chapter or sponsoring students. Together, we can maximize our impact.
  • Share your experience with friends and on social media. Your voice helps spread our mission.
  • Volunteer as a mentor. Give back by inspiring and guiding aspiring developers.

The future of African tech starts with education. Join us and unleash your potential to create positive change. Enroll or donate today!

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