Republicans yet to land knock-out blow on Democrats

At least so far during the 2022 midterms, Republicans are doing well enough – but not great.

In governors’ races, high profile Republicans have won in Florida, Texas and Georgia – but two governor’s seats were flipped to the Democrats.

The Republicans only had to flip five seats in the House of Representatives to win a majority there, and they appear to be on track to do so.

But they aren’t winning all the toss-up races, and they aren’t landing any surprise knockout blows. This isn’t shaping up to be the kind of “wave” election Americans have seen in many past midterms.

In the Senate, the results are even more unclear. Republicans have carried states in which they had the advantage, but Democrats have won the races they expected to win and picked up a crucial new seat in Pennsylvania.

How those contests – in Georgia, Nevada and Arizona are resolved – will go a long way toward defining how these midterms are ultimately viewed.

Fetterman celebrates win in Pennsylvania

The projected winner of the Pennsylvania Senate race – Democrat John Fetterman – is speaking now at his victory party. Dressed in his classic black hooded sweatshirt, he declared: “we held the line”.

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